An Electronic Arabic Party
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Elefantum – An Electronic Arabic Party

We have had many parties for Digital Nomads, Zen Den Coworking members, and Remote Workers to experience in the South Of Tenerife. But there aren’t many that are as exciting as Elefantum – An Electronic Arabic Party coming up.

We would like to introduce you to Elefantum, by Divine:Timing. In the words of the organisers, this will be where music and cosmic synchronicities converge. This is a place for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads to wind down after a long working week and unleash their Inner Guru. 

What is Elefantum – An Electronic Arabic Party?

This won’t just be a party it will be a celebration of the universe’s dance. This is where the Nomad Community combines with the Conscious Community and also residents to groove in style. 

The organisers of the party, Divine:Timing, believe in embracing life’s synchronicities and offer curated electronic music-filled gatherings are a testament to that belief. It’s led by the dynamic duo of DJ Lex Laurence, a very established expat DJ on the island, and rhythmic drummer Liam Bongo. They are more than just entertainment and normal electronic music parties. They want Nomads, Conscious entrepreneurs, and local people to come together. Experiencing harmony, connection, and cosmic timing through their music. 

Join us at Lighthouse, a well-known venue for Nomads Den events at Fanabe Beach, with unrivaled ocean views and the best island vibes, it will be transformed into a historical mansion from the heart of historic Arabia for the light. So grab your genie and lets have a true electronic Arabian night! 

Whether you’re seeking an escape for the working week, or a chance to immerse yourself in the cosmic beat, a Tenerife Party experience is not like any other. 

Elefantum will offer a journey into the heart of electronic music and synchronicity. Divine:Timing will also be releasing their debut single of the same name, “Elefantum”. A track made with a pulsating heart of Afro-Arabic house music, where each beat is a step closer to enlightenment… we hope 😛 

Nomads you ready to experience it?

Elefantum will be taking place at Lighthouse in Costa Adeje from 6 pm Friday 5th April 2024. It will run until 5 am the next morning. 

There is an unstoppable selection of DJs you can check out on SoundCloud. We also cannot wait for you to hear their new Afro-Arabic house track “Elefantum”. We want to see what everyone from the Nomad Den Community thinks! 

Let’s integrate all the different communities on the island and come together for an amazing Friday Night Themed Electronic Party like nothing else Tenerife has seen before. 

Early Bird Tickets are already sold out and the second round of tickets are available to purchase now. 

Come get your tickets before they are gone, click here and confirm now. 

Get your Guru Style clothing ready and we will see you at the Elefantum people!

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