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DEN GROOVE – Friday Night Nomad Event.

Nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Tenerife, a tropical haven with picturesque vistas and a temperate climate, Digital Nomads have found their ideal retreat. This Spanish island, graced with serene beaches and cosmopolitan charm, exerts an irresistible magnetic pull on remote workers worldwide. Welcome to Den Groove, our Friday night Digital Nomad and Remote Worker event to unite the Community

Digital Nomad Season Has Started 

As November has come and gone heralds the onset of the Digital Nomad Season. The Digital Nomad Community’s heartbeat quickens and the island will be full of remote workers until April, and we have prepared – NOMAD FRIDAYS ARE HERE!

DEN GROOVE: Your Exclusive Digital Nomad Rendezvous

DEN GROOVE, the exclusive gathering spot for Tenerife’s Digital Nomads, offers an unparalleled blend of connection, entertainment, and relaxation. Every Friday, a captivating six-hour window awaits digital nomads and remote workers, setting the stage for an energising weekend. It’s not just a social event; it embodies the essence of community that defines Coworking Spaces like Zen Den Coworking Costa Adeje.

A Night of Connection

The evening commences with a dynamic two-hour networking session, where ideas flow, collaborations form, and friendships blossom. In an era of remote work’s potential isolation, these moments of connection prove invaluable. The atmosphere crackles with the collective ambition of Tenerife’s Digital Nomads, united under DEN GROOVE’s banner.

Entrepreneurs Breakout 

Alongside the Networking section of the night, we have introduced an Entrepreneurs Breakout section of the evening which will attract entrepreneurs from all over Tenerife to participate. Capped at twenty entrepreneurs per week with a specific theme. RSVP is required for this section of the night in our Entrepreneurs Whatsapp Group. This is part of our huge Whatsapp community for Digital Nomads in Tenerife.

A Rhythmic Celebration

Following the networking session, a live DJ takes the stage for two hours, setting the night’s rhythm. The beats resonate through attendees’ hearts, amplifying the sense of togetherness and celebration that defines DEN GROOVE, NOMAD FRIDAYS. It’s not just music; it’s the soundtrack of the Digital Nomad and Remote Worker community in Tenerife coming to life.

Winding Down in Style

As night matures, a two-hour winddown period unfolds, where chilled drinks flow, laughter fills the air, and camaraderie deepens. These moments of relaxation are as vital as the work itself, emphasizing the balance digital nomads and remote workers seek in their lives. DEN GROOVE shines here, offering the holistic experience remote workers crave.

Evolving Locations and Experiences

We have an amazing modern bar with beach views over Play Las Vistas, Blue Orange is a great lounge bar and exactly what we need for the event, there really isn’t anywhere better on the whole of Tenerife to host the best Digital Nomad event on the whole island.

Innovation and Variety

DEN GROOVE thrives on innovation and variety. Expect discounted drinks and, unique weekly themes (including Halloween, 80s and Disco Music, and Ibiza Style White Party), and diverse content catering to Tenerife’s digital nomad and remote worker community. Each Friday brings a fresh experience, ensuring DEN GROOVE remains an essential event in the Digital Nomad and Remote Worker calendar every week!

Unifying Tenerife’s Remote Workers

Beyond entertainment and networking, DEN GROOVE holds a profound purpose – uniting all Tenerife’s Remote Workers and Digital Nomads. In a world where Digital Nomads often wander independently. This event will serve as a nexus, where diverse stories converge into a collective narrative of adventure, entrepreneurship, and shared dreams. The significance of community cannot be overstated, particularly in remote work contexts, offering support, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. It does not matter which Coworking or Coliving you belong to, come along!

Inclusivity and Collaboration

For Zen Den Coworking Costa Adeje community members with active memberships, entry is included as a perk of your Coworking plan. Furthermore, weekly opportunities will be extended to different communities and colivings, fostering inclusivity and collaboration across Tenerife’s remote work spectrum.

A Transformative Movement

In conclusion, DEN GROOVE transcends being just an event; it symbolizes the power of community in digital nomads’ lives. DEN GROOVE, the epicenter of this gathering. its poised to redefine Friday nights for Tenerife’s remote workers and Digital Nomads, becoming a cornerstone of the digital nomad experience on this enchanting island.

Join the Movement

In the spirit of unity and growth, Digital Nomads and Remote Workers are invited to converge, share their journeys, and help shape the future of remote work in Tenerife. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative movement. NOMAD SEASON HAS STARTED, and DEN GROOVE is your gateway to a world of connections, creativity, and celebration.


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