TenerifEco Tours

TenerifEco Tours


Welcome to TenerifEco Tours, where adventure meets sustainability! Meet Laetitia, a Belgian diving instructor and marine life enthusiast, and Nico, a native Tinerfeño with a deep passion for Tenerife’s natural beauty, who has spent over a decade as a boat skipper in whale watching.

With TenerifEco Tours, you can explore Tenerife differently. Dive into crystal-clear waters, traverse volcanic landscapes, embark on respectful whale-watching excursions, and much more. Our commitment to sustainability, quality, and cultural immersion ensures unforgettable experiences tailored just for you.

Why choose us? We carefully select trusted partners who offer flexibility and personalized tours. Plus, our friendly team is dedicated to making your adventure in Tenerife extraordinary. But that’s not all – with every adventure booked, we contribute to an NGO dedicated to preserving Tenerife’s breathtaking landscapes and marine ecosystems. Join us for an unforgettable journey!

We cannot wait to partner with Zen Den and bring these amazing tours to the Digital Nomad Community in Tenerife South.