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Escape the Dead – Zombie Experience – Tenerife South

The World as we know has ended ???? ❌

Someone ate the wrong bat for dinner, leaking the vicious “DORADA Virus” into society, transforming humanity into flesh-eating ZOMBIES who refuse to wear face masks ????

Only a few survivors remain and you are one of them ☠️

The last helicopter is leaving for the safe haven of the island of Madagascar and your final hope is to make that flight ???? ????

Your mission, if you dare to accept it, is to team up with your fellow survivors and LOCKING DOWN clues you need to get to the chopper… all whilst being pursued by ravenous zombies who ran out of toilet paper ????????‍♀️

A real-life zombies game at night to the light of the Full Moon ???? ????
A super creepy abandoned military village in Abades. ⛪️
Monday 16th May 19.30-23.30

Includes materials, guides, zombies, drinks, and snacks for afterward.

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