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Mindful Nomads Festival – Marrakesh, Morocco – 3 Day Festival

🏜️ Welcome to the MINOMA Festival 2023: A Mindful Nomads Festival.

🗓️ Mark Your Calendars: November 09-12, 2023

Are you seeking an unforgettable escape to the desert in Morocco?  Well, you are in luck Zen Den Coworking has partnered with the amazing Minoma – Mindful Nomads and we invite you all to join us at the beautiful Agafay Desert for a Digital Nomad festival like no other. MINOMA Festival 2023, where the Mindful Nomads come together for a transformative experience!

🏜️ Discover Our Oasis – The Scenic Agafay Desert!

Nestled within the magnificent canyons of Agafay, just a short 40-minute drive from the bustling city of Marrakech, Selina Nomad Camp graces this enchanting landscape with its charming glamping options for Digital Nomads. These include shared bedouin tents, private micro rooms, and shared standard twin rooms, as well as lofts and suites. This variety of desert-style coliving accommodation offers a cozy and welcoming haven throughout the month of November.

The venue is a true Remote Worker HUB of convenience considering its location, featuring a range of amenities such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, coworking spaces, and more. This ensures that every guest enjoys an immersive and comfortable experience, making it the perfect setting for forging deep connections or simply unwinding in tranquility. It’s your ideal playground for a remarkable experience! 🌵

✈️The Perfect Getaway from Tenerife!

Direct flights from Tenerife South Airport to Agadir Airport on the 9th of November and returning on the 12th of November are only €29.00 on Ryanair (priced 26/10/2023 and subject to change.)  INCLUDED WITH YOUR BOOKING FROM TENERIFE WILL BE RETURN TRANSFERS FROM AGADIR TO THE DESERT CAMP

Mindful Nomads Festival

As part of your booking with Zen Den Coworking for this Mindful Nomads Retreat, you will also receive 10% OFF WITH CODE ZENDEN at checkout.

🏕️ What to expect! 

You’ll enjoy a 3-night stay at Selina Nomad Camp, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Agafay. You can also extend your stay with additional accommodation upon request, immersing yourself even deeper into this natural wonder for even longer.

Here is what to expect from the Minoma, Mindful Nomads Festival. 
  • Explore Heart Coherence with Electronic Music Meditation.
  • Experience the serenity of Candlelight Meditation accompanied by live music.
  • Set your spirit free with the Desert Ecstatic Dance.
Engaging Workshops and Personalized Sessions:
  • Immerse yourself in a diverse array of activities led by Guest Experts and MINOMA Alumni.
  • Delve into embodied yoga, meditation, transformative breathwork journeys, purpose coaching, resonance networking, and insightful human design readings. (Workshops co-created in collaboration with the MINOMA community.)
Music and DJs – Harmonizing with the Desert’s Rhythm:
  • Tune in to the heartbeat of the land as the desert sands sway to the enchanting tunes of ancient traditions.
  • Our celebration pays homage to Morocco’s cultural richness, sharing love for its distinctive sounds. 🎶

As you can see, you should prepare for your mind to expand with our full program of daily workshops, sessions, and activities designed to ignite your creativity and inspire growth.  is your haven for productivity and collaboration.

🏊 Enjoy the Facilities 

Enjoy full access to Selina Nomad Camp’s exceptional facilities, including pools for relaxation, a fully-equipped coworking space, a vibrant bar, a community kitchen, and a delicious restaurant serving traditional Moroccan cuisine. Make the most of your time here with all the comforts you need.

🍽️ Daily Moroccan Cuisine Breakfast Buffet

Start your day with a healthy breakfast buffet featuring traditional Moroccan cuisine options. Fuel up for your adventures in the desert or your work in the MZen Den Coworking space.

🎁 1-Year MINOMA Membership

As a parting gift, you’ll receive a 1-year MINOMA Membership. This includes 2 months of free Premium Membership and 10 months of Free Membership. Stay connected with the Mindful Community of Digital Nomads and Remote Workers all over the world.

💡 Transparent Inclusions

For complete transparency and clarity, find the full list of inclusions on the checkout page. We want you to know exactly what’s included in your MINOMA Festival 2023 experience.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure! Embrace the MINOMA Festival 2023 and create memories that will last a lifetime. This is the ultimate opportunity for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers in Tenerife, Morocco, and beyond to get involved with an amazing community event!

🎁 Exclusive Benefits Await You!

As mentioned above, booking through Zen Den Coworking Tenerife will give you free Airport transfers from Agadir Airport and you can catch a direct flight from just €29 return! Plus, use code “ZENDEN” for an extra 10% OFF your booking.

Book your spot today and become a part of this exceptional mindful remote working community! 🌠


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